The Battle of the needs !

Guessing what this is all about? Well how many times have you ever pondered over the question of what to do next? There comes a time in a person’s life where you just stand there gazing at the vast emptiness that is space and you find yourself asking the question of what you would like to do with your life. We encounter such a question during every phase of our life. During our teens, it was a matter of making a choice of profession. Now that most of us have jobs, you might be wondering WTH I’m talking about now. The question is whether to chill out having fun, enjoy the job you have or toil your Royal ### for some higher studies.

We all have heard the monotonous claims of our beloved parents who are in the midst of peer competition, preaching that B.Tech is a common man’s degree. Anyone who has gone through the process will disagree by putting their foot down and tell you that it was as hard as it can get. Anyhow, its not about pleasing your peers or living upto the expectations of those guys you have looked upto all this while. Thinking about it, I’ve done my engineering in a “wonderful” college..nothing against it totally, but I can imagine a better college atmosphere. I’m pretty nostalgic about the times I had in college though. I miss my buddies, bunking classes and simply chilling out. Ofcourse kudos to my college for thatz where I met my beloved. Anyhow not straying off from the topic, I’ve come to think that it’s high time I spread my wings for something beyond the present outlook. People are pursuing higher studies in MBA or MS. My first attempt at CAT 2 years ago was not bad, but unfortunately I was taken away by the fact that I had a job. Now that I’m in it, the never ending greediness of man has taken me away again. I don’t like the idea of being in this field for too long.

Now the biggest dilemma has come across my head…MBA/MS. From what I’ve understood, MS is a specialization and MBA can be a generalization. An MBA grad can switch fields and can work well across any domain unlike an MS grad. So come to think of it, MBA seems a good option. But again there’s the dreaded ordeal of studying something that is totally greek to a techhy person. Luckily there is a program provided by BU called MS-MBA which is a dual degree program. My IGAs (Information Gathering Agencies).. 🙂 friends abroad are finding more details about it.

So guys, if you can put some light on this topic and help me solve this dilemma, god will bless your soul :-p. Seriously, just find out and let me know. Not bad for a second post huh. Will keep bloggin.

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