What makes a Facebook Fan worth LIKEing ?

As a social media enthusiast, I’ve worked with brands from across sectors and have seen many ask this very question : Why should I like your page.

Facebook as a platform is phenomenal in reaching out to over 800 million users. It’s simply brilliant when it comes to sharing content and gathering the opinions and thoughts of others. As a brand/product/service one has to ask some very pertinent questions:

1. What am I doing on Facebook? What’s my objective
2. Who am I really looking to network with?
3. What would they be interested in?
4. Does it make sense to provide valuable content that interests this segment and does it gel with my service?
5. How much time am I willing to invest and can I continue doing it consistently

If at any point, it occurs that your target segment cannot be reached through your current efforts simply because it is not interesting and cannot gain momentum, it’s a red flag for you! You need to sit down and evaluate your Social Media strategy and relook at the content strategy to push targeted and interesting content to provoke engagement and sustain it.

So go back to your Fan page and ask yourself if I were a visitor, would this entice me to engage. I’m sure we can do better. Share your thoughts and let’s explore what makes our Fan page likable 🙂

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