Top 3 Social Media Trends for 2012

It’s that time of the year when you keep seeing articles about the trends for the upcoming year. One that particularly caught my attention was the social media trends. I’m only throwing light on the ones that are worth mentioning as NEW trends

1. Reporting to all stakeholders. At the PRSA conference this year, Dan Tisch, who is serving as president of Global Alliance said that some countries, such as Australia, are reporting to all stakeholders. Meaning, they’re not just doing investor relations, but reporting results to employees, customers, prospects, influencers, and more. This is expected to become a trend, especially as accounting principles are looking to include brand awareness as part of the balance sheet.

2. Social TV convergence.  You can “check in” to a TV program and then have conversations with people around the world who are watching the same thing. It allows you to review the shows, talk about what’s happening, and listen to what others are saying. It works for movies and music, too. Plus, if the rumors are true and Steve Jobs’s last project was iTV, this will become huge next year.

3. Social commerce. When you check in with Foursquare at select locations it asks if you want to pay using your Apple app. The Apple app, scans the mouse bar code, gives you a subtotal and once you hit OK you are done. It takes the amount right out of your iTunes account, emails you a receipt, and you can be on your way. Starbucks does this using your phone and its at-register scanner. You’ll see more of this next year.

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